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Warrants Division

Cathy Howard

…was born in Meigs County and is a graduate of Meigs County High School. She was first employed by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department in 1982 as a 911 dispatcher and corrections officer. Cathy is now over the warrants division which she began in 2005. She maintains all arrest warrants and civil papers daily by entering them in the jail’s computer systems and keeping them up to date. Cathy also serves as a liasion between the courthouse and the jail and maintains various other jail records and log records for the jail that is vital to maintain jail certification. Cathy takes pride in her work and is proud to be a part of the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and if there is any job that is needed to be done she is eager to lend a helping hand. Cathy holds various training certificates in areas such as Field Training Officer and Jail Issues.

From January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department  received 290 civil papers and served 218 of them with 23 of them being active.  Also, in that same time period there were 272 criminal warrants issued and  213 of them have been served. The employees of the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department strive to serve every criminal or civil paper that comes through our office.