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Our center is located within the Meigs County Sheriff’s Dept. We are one of only a few 9-1-1 centers in the state that are still attached to a Sheriff’s Department/Jail. We handle dispatching for the Sheriff’s Dept., Decatur P.D., all EMS and fire departments, also included are THP, TWRA, and public works among others. We have come a long way since our meager beginning in the 1960’s. Our dispatching began with less than good quality, high range radios; however we were able to take calls for service and transmit those calls to officers in patrol cars. Calls for help were received on regular telephone lines, and these calls were documented on notebook paper. In 1998 this center evolved into enhanced 9-1-1 or E-911 capabilities. This service allowed us to get automatic number identification (ANI) and automatic location identification (ALI). This information was displayed on a standalone unit that was placed near our 9-1-1 answering point. We have since come much further in our technological capabilities. All of our E-911 phones and ANI/ALI information is PC based, all dispatching records and calls for service are captured and maintained in a PC system known as CAD or computer aided dispatch. We now have radio systems that allow us to communicate to any other agency in the state and even across state lines in some instances. We operate a PC based mapping computer that contains aerial photographs of the county; this allows us to pinpoint locations of callers and emergencies so that the appropriate personnel have a much quicker response time.

We currently have 4 certified dispatchers on staff. All dispatchers are required a 1 week training session with TBI to receive a basic certification in NCIC operations. All dispatchers receive many levels of specialized training in different areas that relate directly to daily call taking and dispatching.

As 9-1-1 continues to evolve with new technology on the horizon as will our quality of personnel, training and service to the community. Our goal is to provide high quality professional help to anyone in need.