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School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officer’s (SRO’S) help our school’s have a safe atmosphere so our children can put forth all their effort into gaining a valuable education. Their jobs are to provide a safe atmosphere for the students, teachers, and all visitors on school property. SRO’s have many responsibilities including being a law enforcement officer, instructor, role model, and mediator.

They provide a visible law enforcement presence on campus to deter, prevent, and respond to crime.  Daily they monitor morning and afternoon school zones to ensure the children have a safe arrival and departure from school. Also, they help maintain the safety for players, students, and fans at sporting events.

SRO’s also serve as a guest classroom instructor teaching classes such as gun safety and  bus safety and whatever is relevant to the age groups that they will be instructing.

SRO’s also serve as a role model to help the children learn the importance of growing up to become good citizens. SRO’s must possess a high level of integrity and character and constantly show professionalism to the students.

Another responsibility of a SRO’s is to serve as a mediator to help resolve any issues the students face.

The SRO’s attend a 40 hour specialized training school to become a certified school resource officer where they learn many valuable tools to make them more effective at their job. Each SRO also attends 40 hours of in-service training each year to maintain the certification as a as a state certified peace officer. When school is not in session the SRO’s also work on the road as patrol deputies.